Give ’em what they want

The second chapter of the HFOOAD talks about how the requirements of the project and the use cases, how to use them and their importance in the project.

but first, What is a requirement? A requirement is what your system needs from the computer or the resources available in order to perform its assign task, it’s used formally in software engineering to specify how your piece of software is going to work.

There is something important used for finding important requirement, which are the use cases. This use cases are some kind of scenario in which  the end user interacts with the system or how the book put it “What your system does to accomplish a particular customer goal”

Imagine if we imagine every way the user is going to interact with our software, even the ones we could considere wrong, and use these cases or scenarios to model how our software acts in respond to these situations.

A lil’ tutorial on use cases:

  1. The use case MUST help the customer or end user achieve their goal.
  2. All the use cases should have a clear start and stop. Imagine if scenario does not start or does not end, it will be imposible to help the customer then!
  3. And the start should be outside the system, probaly an action of the user.

As I read more and more, and as I learn more about code I’m starting to realizing that things always go wrong and you have to test for when things go wrong cuz customer will, most likely, not use the system perfectly.


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